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EP53: The Wichita Massacre

the wichita massacreDuring a cold, wintery week in December 2002, brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr decided to go on a crime spree that ended with 5 people dead and 2 others mentally scarred for life. The Carr Brothers’ final heinous act ended on December 15, where they shot 5 friends execution-style in a soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. The brothers failed to make sure their victims were all dead, and one of the women survived. The survivor told a traumatizing story of being raped, and forced rape between victims. If it wasn’t for this eyewitness, we may have never known all the details of the Wichita Massacre. Listen to this weeks’ episode to hear more.

Wichita MassacreThe Beginning of Reginald & Jonathan Carr’s Crime Spree

The Carr brothers, 22-year-old Reginald and 20-year-old Jonathan were from Dodge City.  Both young men had lengthy criminal records.

Their crime spree began on December 8, 2000.  The two men drove to Wichita, Kansas.  While there, they robbed another young man named Andrew Schreiber, an assistant baseball coach. Only three days later, they attempted to carjack a woman.  She was 55-year old Ann Walenta.  Ann performed as cellist and also worked as a librarian.  They approached Ann as she sat in her car.  First, they pulled a gun out on her.  When she screamed, they shot her three times.  Later, she died in the hospital from her wounds.

The Wichita Massacre

On December 14, 2000, Reginald and Jonathan Carr forced their way into a suburban ranch on Birchwood Street.  The brothers had picked the house at random.  They threatened the five occupants with golf clubs and guns. In the house were Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, and his girlfriend, Holly.   There was also a tiny dog named Nikki living there.  Jason was a local high school teacher; Brad was a director of finance with a local financial services company; Heather was a local preschool teacher; Aaron a former financial analyst who had been studying to become a priest; and Holly G. was a teacher.

Reginald & Jonathan Carrs Evil Unleashed

Wichita Massacre
Victims of the Wichita Massacre

The five young adults spent the next few hours being beaten, raped, and forced to do unspeakable acts to one another.  By the time the Carr brothers were done with them, four would be murdered in what is known as The Wichita Massacre.

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