Crimes and Consequences is a true crime podcast hosted by two attorneys that love all true crime.  Because they have a background in law they have the edge on research and knowledge that you won’t find with most true crime podcasts.  

Talia Goetting

Crimes and Consequences


Talia Goetting is a practicing attorney in the State of Michigan. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology. After obtaining her psychology degree, she went on to the University of Southern Indiana. While there, she earned a degree in Computer Information Systems. 

After working in the computer field for a few years, she decided she wanted to be a lawyer. So she attended Michigan State College of Law. While there, she earned her Juris Doctorate. During law school she worked for the Office of the Attorney General. Eventually, she became licensed to practice law.  After becoming licensed she worked as an Assistant Attorney General. In 2010, Talia earned the “Spirit Award” by Michigan’s Legal Aid and Defenders Association. This award honored her pro bono work. 

Talia has a love for the law. In addition, she loves all things true crime. That is what motivated her to start Crimes and Consequences True Crime Podcast.

Talia’s Favorite podcast episodes:


Tonya Corrado

Crimes and Consequences


Tonya is a practicing attorney in the State of Michigan. She has a bachelor’s degree from Oakland University where she studied English Literature and History.  After graduating college, Tonya worked in Corporate America for several years before realizing she needed to follow her dream of attending law school. She earned her Juris Doctorate and graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. She went on to become a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan. 

Now, Tonya manages the law firm she shares with Talia. Her love of true crime motivated her to start the Crimes & Consequences True Crime Podcast.  

Tonya’s favorite podcast episodes:

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