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The Vampire Cult Killer- Rod Ferrell

rod ferrell

Roderrick Justin “Rod” Ferrell is not only an American murder and cult leader but, according to him, a 500-year-old vampire named “Vesago.” In 1998, Rod would plead guilty to a double murder and become the youngest person in the United States on Death Row.

Rod was raised in Murray, Kentucky by his mother, Sondra Gibson. He never knew his father until his trial, where Rod would see him for the first time in his life. Rod had a turbulent childhood; his mother, Sondra, was described as flighty and ruthless. She was unable to keep jobs and would often pass Rod off to his grandparents. When her parents pushed back on Sondra, insisting that she needed to be present for Rod, she threatened that she would have someone in her “drug group” kill him. And to top it off, Sondra was on probation in Kentucky for trying to engage a fourteen-year-old boy in a sex act. She was caught performing a ritual with the boy so that she could become a vampire herself.

Rod grew up surrounded by Necronomicon and The Satanic Bible – he also became obsessed with a role-playing game called Vampire: The Masquerade. He was a loner and an outcast. By the age of fourteen, Rod was an avid user of LSD and believed he was a demon and a vampire. In recalling his childhood, Rod has said, “I tried to embrace the lifestyle of being a vampire and being so young, my mind latched onto it so deeply, so tenaciously, that I got lost inside it.”

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mariya hamilton

Special thanks to our new contributor, Mariya Hamilton, for all the hard work she put into researching and writing this fascinating true crime story for us.  To the readers:  “This is only a mere scratch on the surface, there is so much more to this case. If you want to take a deeper dive, I recommend reading the book; The Embrace, By: Aphrodite Jones” -Mariya