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Serial Killer George Russell

George RussellPiquerism (from the French piquer – “to prick”) is a sexual interest in penetrating the skin of another person with sharp objects (such as pins, razors, knives, etc.). Sometimes, this is serious enough to cause extreme injuries or even death. Piquerism is a paraphilia as well as a form of sadism.  A person that performs piquerism is a piquerest.  Learn more about Piquerism

Serial Killer George Russell

Saturday morning, June 23, 1990, at 7:30 am a McDonald’s worker stepped outside to sweep.  It’s a busy area. McDonald’s shares the same dumpster as a nightclub next door, The Black Angus.  Something caught this worker’s eye near the dumpster.   In that open area, lay a caucasian female on her back.  The young woman was nude and clearly dead.  She had been posed with her left foot crossed over her right ankle. Her head was turned to the left. Also, the clear top of a Frito lay dip container was placed over her right eye.  In addition, her arms were bent at the elbow and her hands were on her stomach, touching each other.  Her position resembled bodies placed in coffins.  Oddly, her left hand held a pine cone in it.   

The medical examiner determined the murder occurred elsewhere. Her death happened sometime between 2:30 am and 5:20 am.  The examiner found no food in her stomach and her blood alcohol level was .14.  In addition, the medical examiner determined the killer raped Mary Ann with a sharp object. As a result, she had serious cuts both anally and vaginally.  The killer was a piquerest.  Because of the posing of the body, the overkill, and the severe sexual violence, the police knew this wasn’t a date-rape gone wrong. An active serial killer roamed the streets of Seattle.  Later, the investigator’s determined the victim was 27-year-old Mary Ann Pohlreich.

George Dabbles in Piquerism

On August 9, 1990,  three boys camped in their backyard.  Around 4:00 am, they heard howling screams.  Eventually, the screams stopped.  The next day, Carol Beethe’s young daughter found her dead in her bedroom.  47 days had passed since Mary Ann’s murder.

George Russell Evolves into a Piquerest

24 days after Carol’s murder, 9-1-1 received a call.  A landlord reported the murder of his tenant, 24-year-old Andrea Levine.   Investigators found Andrea laying on her back with a blanket pulled up to her chest and a pillow over her head.  Her mouth had a dildo placed in it.  In addition,  investigators found the book “More Joy of Sex” under her arm.  Also, three scrapes ran all the way down her back from either fingernails or a knife.  Her rectal area evidenced three stab wounds.  

It didn’t take long for authorities to determine this killer was a piquerest.  Andrea had 230 small cuts and pokes all over her body.  The bottom of her feet had 20 poke-like wounds.  In addition, the murderer played tic tac toe with a sharp object on one of her breasts.  Some of the wounds were in a straight line, others were patterns.  At some point, this sadist made a rough shape of a hand on Andrea’s thigh. Surprisingly, there was no sign of forced entry.

Seattle’s Piquerest Serial Killer

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