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The Girl in the Box - The Kidnapping of Colleen Stan

Paige Doherty

Paige Doherty was a petite brunette fifteen-year-old from a small town in Scotland. Born in April of 2000, she was a typical 21st-century teenage girl; into fashion and make-up, very active on social media with friends, and aspired to be a hairstylist. But all of that changed when she disappeared one Saturday morning in 2016.

The night before her disappearance, Paige spent the night at Lauren’s house; one of her closest friends. Paige worked part-time on Saturdays at a local salon to gain experience, so the following morning she would wake up and head off for her shift. By midafternoon, her boyfriend, Dylan, had not heard from her, nor had Paige been active on social media – which was wildly out of character for her. Dylan decided to call the hair salon since Paige was unresponsive to texts/calls. The manager told him that Paige never showed up to work and did not call out for her shift. He followed up this call with Paige’s mom to see if she was at home. But she was not.

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Mariya Hamilton

Mariya Hamilton

Special thanks to our new contributer, Mariya Hamilton, for all the hard work she put into researching and writing this fascinating true crime story for us.