Keith NelsonKeith Nelson Needs to Kill 

On September 29, 1999, Keith Nelson approached James Robinson in the parking lot of A-1 Staffing. A-1 Staffing was a temporary work service in Kansas City, Kansas. He asked James if he wanted a job hauling cement out of a basement. He had never met James before. James agreed because he needed to earn some side money, and they left the A-1 parking lot in Keith’s white Ford F-150 pickup truck. After arriving at the job site, Keith began saying some very bizarre things to James. He told James that he would like to kidnap a woman and take her away from the city so he could torture, rape, electrocute, kill, and bury her. Keith Nelson revealed to James that he wanted to do this because he knew he was going back to prison for burglary and other petty crimes. He said if he was going to back to jail, he wanted to go back for something big. James acted cool about it, but this really tripped James out. He was going to report Keith to the police but changed his mind, deciding that Keith had to be messing with him.

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