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EP01: The Keddie Cabin Murders

keddie cabinThe Keddie cabin murders is a famous true crime story that takes place in Keddie, California.  Keddie is a town with a current population of 65 people.  There is one road that leads in and out of the tiny town.  The town of Keddie had a resort built called the Keddie Resort.  It had a hotel, a bar, and cabins.    Eventually, to stay afloat, the renting of Keddie cabins became available as a low-income housing option.  

The Keddie Cabin Murders

On the night of April 11, 1981, 15-year-old Johnny Sharp hung out with his 17-year-old friend, Dana.  The two went to a party six miles away.

That same night, Johnny’s sister, Tina and Sheila stayed with their neighbors, the Seabolts, next door in Cabin 27.  Cabin 28 and Cabin 27 were only 15 feet apart. The Seabolts were one of the few married families in the Keddie Resort Community.  Mrs. Seabolt wasn’t too impressed with Johnny, Tina and Sheila’s mother Sue Sharp. At around 9 :30 pm, Sue called the Seabolts and told Sheila she could stay the night, but 11-year-old Tina needed to come home.  

Also at Cabin 28 that night were Sue’s other two sons, Greg and Ricky.  In addition to her two sons, their 12-year-old friend Justin came over to spend the night at the cabin. Justin lived in Cabin 26 with his mother and stepfather, Marilynn and Marty Smart. 

Later that night, the three boys, Ricky, Greg, and Justin watched the television show “The Love Boat.” Not long after laying down, they fell asleep.  At the same time, Sue and Tina went to bed in the bedroom they shared.  While Sue slept on the bed nearest the door, Tina laid on the bed next to the window.

Death in Keddie Cabin 28

The next morning , after Sheila got up, she went back home to Cabin 28 to get ready for church.  She planned on attending church with the Seabolt family.  Sheila walked the 15 feet to her home, opened the front door, and witnessed a terrifying sight.  Three bodies laid sprawled out dead on the floor and blood was EVERYWHERE. 

New Evidence

Although the murders remain officially unsolved, new evidence recently surfaced pointing to the killers’ identity.  Listen to The Keddie Cabin Murders podcast episode to find out more.

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