crimes and consequences

Serial Killer Gerard Schaefer

EP25: Murders In The Mangroves

Gerard SchaeferGerard Schaefer, a former Florida police officer, is one of the world’s most vile and prolific serial killers.  For 10 years he tortured, mutilated and murdered women in three different continents.  He took pleasure in the mental anguish even more than the physical pain he inflicted on his victims and preferred to kill two women at one time for “double the pleasure.”   In order to ensure he didn’t get caught, he studied the behavior of other serial killers.  However, in 1972, two women managed to escape when Gerard left them tied to the mangrove trees with nooses around their necks while he went to work.  He was arrested by his own co-workers at the police station he worked at.  While in prison, he mingled with the likes of Ted Bundy and Otis O’ Toole, later stating that Ted Bundy sought advice from him.   Gerard Schaefer is proof that monsters can disguise themselves as normal human beings.

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