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Pretty in Pink - The Murder of Alex Woodworth

Alex Woodworth

On the evening of March 22, 2018, Don Sipple was sitting down for a quiet dinner at his home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when there was a pounding knock at his door. He opened the door to find a woman on his doorstep who was muddy, bloody, bruised, and shoeless, begging for a doctor. He noticed the word “boy” was carved into her arm.

Sipple brought the young woman inside and offered her a blanket; she told him that she had been assaulted, and Sipple immediately called 911.

The woman was twenty-two-year-old Ezra McCandless, and the events leading up to this moment would eventually land her in prison for life.

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mariya hamilton

Special thanks to our new contributor, Mariya Hamilton, for all the hard work she put into researching and writing this fascinating true crime story for us.  To the readers:  “While the true motivation behind why Ezra murdered Alex Woodworth remains unclear. Many speculate that she would have done whatever it took to gain the attention and sympathy of Jason, ultimately so she could try and rekindle their romance.” – Mariya