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Dorothy Jane Scott

dorothy jane scottThe Phone Calls 

In 1980, Dorothy was a 32-year-old single mother. She lived in her aunt’s home in Stanton, Califonia with her four-year-old son Shawn (Shawnti). Dorothy worked as a secretary for two jointly-owned stores. Both stores were originally owned by her father, Jacob who sold them to a man named John. She worked in the back office of Custom John’s Head Shop and Swinger’s Psych Shop. These stores catered to the hippie-culture in Anaheim California.

In the early part of 1980, Dorothy began receiving strange phone calls from an unknown man at her aunt’s home.
This man professed his love for Dorothy Scott. However, on other occasions, he would spew hating threats. For example, during one phone call, he told Dorothy “When I get you alone, I will cut you up into bits so no one will ever find you.” In addition, he knew the initial details of Dorothy’s daily life and even could describe for her what she was wearing that day. Even more disturbing, during one of the calls, he told Dorothy to go outside and check her car.
When Dorothy Scott did, she found a dead rose on her windshield. Dorothy told friends and family that the caller’s voice was familiar, but she couldn’t figure out how. These phone calls were so disturbing that Dorothy began taking karate classes and considered buying a gun.

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