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Christa Pike''s Pentagrams

Christa PikeChrista Pike was a troubled 18-year-old who was a student at Job Corps who dabbled in Satanism. She believed that Colleen Slemmer was after her boyfriend, Tadaryl Shipp. Christa, along with Tadaryl and another friend convinced Colleen to go for a walk with them. It didn’t take long for Colleen to realize she was being set up. However, after a brutal hour-long attack, Christa got her revenge.

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Christa Pike

In 1995, Christa Gail Pike was an 18-year-old student at the Job Corps Center in Knoxville.  Tennessee.  Christa lived a troubled life and dropped out of high school in 9th grade. Eventually, she was convinced to sign up for Knoxville, Tennesee’s Job Corp.  Christa’s dream was to become a nurse technician.  Instead, she became a killer.




Tadaryl Shipp & Christa Pike

Tadaryl Shipp

While at the Job Corps Center Christa met a 17-year-old boy named Tadaryl Shipp. They hit it off immediately and fell madly in love.   Tadaryl and Christa shared a common interest in some disturbing subjects:  satanic worship and dark magic.  Both Christa and Tadaryl wore pentagram necklaces to symbolize their devotion to Satan.

Colleen Slemmer

19-year-old Colleen Slemmer, from Florida, always was a student at the Knoxville, Tennesee, Job Corps.  Christa Pike became convinced that Collen wanted Tadaryl.  She confronted Colleen about this multiple times.  At one point, she tried to fight Colleen.  Through the months, Christa’s jealously and rage towards Colleen grew.


Christa Pike Decides to Kill

Colleen Slemmer

In January of 1995, Christa Pike came up with a brutal plan to teach Colleen Slemmer a deadly lesson.  Listen to this episode of Crimes & Consequences to learn more about the horrific murder of Colleen Slemmer.