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The Murder of Cassie Holden

jonathan gentry

n early June 1988, the 12-year-old Cassie Holden lived with her father and stepmother in Pocatello, Idaho. On June 11, 1988, she traveled to Kitsap County, Washington, to spend the summer with her mother at her mother’s home near Bremerton. On June 13, 1988, Cassie went to a store to get her father a gift for Father’s Day. After returning home around 4:30 pm, she decided to go for a walk, telling her mother she would be home by 6:00 pm for dinner. She never made it home.
Her body was found early June 15, 1988, behind a large log at the bottom of a path running from a trail through a wooded area adjacent to Rolling Hills Golf Course, near Bremerton, Washington. Cassie’s eyeglasses, earring and a bouquet of flowers were found approximately 148 feet up the footpath on and near the main trail. Evidence suggested that Cassie was picking flowers when she was attacked. A struggle ensued and Cassie was chased through the woods, eventually overpowered by her killer.

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