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EP59: The Caffey Family Massacre

erin caffeyIn the early morning hours of March 1, 2008, a call came into the local sheriff’s department that there had been a shooting at the Caffey family home in Alba, Texas. The deputy that responded to the call, when driving out to the area to investigate also found the Caffey home ablaze. Where were the family members—dad Terry, mom, Penny, and kids Erin, Matthew and Tyler? Who set the fire? Listen to this week’s episode to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

Erin Caffey and CharlieThe Caffey Family 

In the morning of March 1, 2008, at about 4:30am, a call for help came into the Rains County Sherriff’s office. The caller reported a shooting at the Caffey residence in Alba, TX. Alba was a very small town with a population of 492. There was only one officer on duty that night, Deputy Dickerson.  Being that Alba was so small, Deputy Dickerson knew the Caffey family.

The Caffey family consisted of Penny, the mom, who was a homemaker.  Penny Caffey enjoyed playing piano at the Miracle Faith Baptist Church, The Caffey family patriarch was Terry, a community leader at the Baptist Church and home health aide worker.  Penny and Terry had two sons, Matthew, 12, and Tyler, 9.  The Caffey’s also had a daughter Erin, 16.

caffey family

As Deputy Dickerson turned onto a road that lead to the Caffey’s home, with it being so dark, he tried to find the house. He noticed a glowing off in the distance and it hit him. It was the Caffey’s home engulfed in flames. Once he got to the home he noticed it had been burning for a while. He radioed dispatch to rouse the volunteer fire dept.  Next, Deputy Dickerson drove further down the road to a neighbor of the Caffey’s. The 911-call had come from there.

What Happened to the Caffey Family?

Listen to Crimes and Consequences episode “The Caffey Family Massacre” to learn how three members of this God-fearing family died that night.

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