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EP60: Brittany Killgore's Nightmare

Brittany KillgoreBrittany Killgore was brutally murder by three lovers into sado-masochism.   They tricked her into going out then took her into their sex dungeon where they held her until her death.  Listen to Crimes & Consequences “Brittany Killgore’s BDSM Nightmare” to hear the details of this terrible crime.

Brittany KillgoreBrittany Killgore 

Brittany Killgore was a young wife, married to Marine, Cory Killgore.  She was originally from Pennsylvania, but after marrying Cory at the age of 20, she moved to Fallbrook, California.

Cory got sent to Afganistan in 2011, leaving Brittany alone in California.  Their marriage became strained and she filed for divorce on April 11, 2012, at the age of 22.  She planned on moving back to Pennsylvania to be with her family.  Before she moved back east, she really wanted to go on a dinner cruise called the Hornblower, in San Diego.  Her friend Liz had gone on the Hornblower and told her about what a great time she had there.

Louis perez

Louis Perez and his girlfriend Dorothy Maraglino, along with her best friend Jessica Lopez, had an unusual relationship.  They were into the BDSM lifestyle and lived as Master, Mistress and Slave.  Together they shared a sick fantasy involving the kidnapping, BDSM torture, and murder of a woman.  They knew Brittany through her friend Liz, and she made it clear to them that she wasn’t into anything BDSM.  Knowing she really wanted to go to the Hornblowers, Louis, Dorothy and Jessica came up with a plan to act out their fantasies.  They tricked Brittany into believing she would be able to go on the dinner cruise with Louis.  After only a few minutes in the car with Louis Perez, Brittany Killgore texted her friend “Help.”  That was the last anyone heard from her.

What Happened to Brittany Killgore?

Listen to Crimes and Consequences episode “Brittany Killgore’s BDSM Nightmare” to learn how three members acted out their BDSM fantasies. 

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