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Public Enemy #1

In March 2002, Public Enemy #1 (PEN1) gang member, Scott “Scottish” Miller, knew he was living on borrowed time. He had talked to a media outlet earlier about PEN1’s activities. Even though his identity was obscured, his fellow gang members recognized him. One of Scottish’s friends, Billy Joe Johnson ended up ambushing Scottish. Billy, along with other members, attacked him for violating the gang’s laws. Listen to this episode to find out more about the White Supremacist gang, Public Enemy #1.

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billy-joe-johnson Billy Joe Johnson 

Scott “Scottish” Miller founded the Orange County based White supremacist street gang called Public Enemy #1 (PEN1). This gang was formed in the mid-1980s. By the mid- to late 1990s, Scottish’s status within the gang had diminished. Scottish had become marginalized.

In February 2001, a television station aired two news segments about PEN1. The segments featured an interview with Scottish. During the interview, he spoke candidly about the gang’s activities. He also discussed the gang’s pension for violence. Although news producers attempted to protect Scottish’s identity, PEN1 gang members immediately recognized Scottish.


Public Enemy #1

The news segments were considered bad timing for PEN1. At the time, PEN1’s two main leaders were being tried on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. As a result of the broadcasts, PEN1 leadership put a “green light” on Scottish. This meant he was marked for execution. Scottish told his girlfriend that he was concerned for his safety. In March of 2002, officers in the gang unit at the police department were looking for Scottish. They wanted to warn him that PEN1 members were planning to kill him.


Billy Joe Johnson Seeks Revenge

Find out how the white supremacists handle members that disrespect them by listening to Crimes and Consequences Podcast Episode “Public Enemy #1.”