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EP55: Dumped In The Desert By A Serial Killer

Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales

Andrew UrdialesIn September 1992, Jennifer was running late to her job. She missed the bus and didn’t have her own transportation. In her moment of desperation, she accepted a ride from a stranger. However, this stranger ended up dropping her off at her job with very little incident. Jennifer thought he was a little weird and gave him a fake number when he asked. The following day when he showed up at her job she again got in his car. That was when things went haywire. The man was Andrew Urdiales, who ended up being convicted of 8 murders in California and Illinois, with Jennifer encountering him right in the middle of his killing spree. Did Jennifer live to tell the world her story? Listen to this week’s episode to find out and to hear more about Andrew’s despicable crimes.

Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales

Andrew Urdiales Serial KillerAndrew Urdiales was but he was born in 1964, in Chicago, IL. He was the youngest of six children.  His older brother died in the VietNam war, which had a profound effect on Andrew.  When Andrew Urdiales was 13, he beat the family dog to death, and then lied to his parents and said the dog had After graduating high school, he joined the US Marines in 1982.





Andrew’s First Victim

Robbin BrandleyOn January 18, 1986, Andrew Urdiales murdered his first victim. Andrew was upset about some friendships at the Marine base, so he decided to rob someone. He took an 11-inch long knife and drove to Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo. When he arrived, he hid like a sniper in a poorly lit area and waited for someone to walk by. He set his sights on Robbin Brandley. Robin was a 23-year-old college student. Andrew Urdiales came up behind her and put his hand over her mouth. He told her that he wanted her purse. She immediately complied.

Next, Andrew began stabbing Robin in the back. After she fell to the ground, he stabbed her several more times in the chest.

Andrew left Robbin Brandley in the parking lot to die. She had been stabbed a total of 41 times in the back, hands, neck, and chest.  She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Andrew Urdiales Continues to Kill

Andrew Urdiales VictimsAndrew didn’t stop after Robbin.  He continued to murder at least seven more women.  One lucky victim, Jennifer, managed to escape.  Listen to Crimes & Consequences Podcast Episode “Dumped in the Desert” to learn more.

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