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26 Children Buried Alive

In the summer of 1976, bus driver Ed noticed a vehicle stopped in the road in front of him blocking his usual route. As Ed slowed to survey the vehicle, three gunmen ambushed the bus, taking Ed and the 26 children aboard the bus as hostages. They were transported a grueling 11 hours in thick summer heat to a buried moving van, where they were held for hours with makeshift toilets, mattresses, and little food or water. Ed and the students were able to remain calm and hatched a plan to escape their fate.

Snowtown Murders

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The Snowtown Murders

Between 1992-1999 11 people (possibly 12) were viciously tortured and murdered near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you live outside of Australia, you may have never heard of the Snowtown Murders—named for where the bodies were found. This case is one of Australia’s most notorious and heinous crimes, one carried out by four men who met by happenstance and created the perfect storm to become serial killers. Listen to this Members/Subscriber-Only episode to hear more about a story that the people who live in the town of Snowtown, South Australia wish everyone would forget.