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Serial Killer David Allen Rundle

In November of 1986, the bodies of two young women, 18-year-old, Caroline Garcia, and Lanciann Sorensen, 15, were found in rural areas of Placer County. The bodies were unclothed and the arms of both victims were bound tightly behind their backs. Eventually, the police were able to link the crimes to 23-year-old David Allen Rundle, who confessed to a third murder of a young woman. Find out the details of his confession…as you can tell by the title, this story it’s pretty nasty.

Serial Killer David Allen RundleSerial Killer David Allen Rundle

In the afternoon of September 7, 1986, 18-year-old Caroline Garcia left her home in Roseville, California. She took a bus to visit her estranged husband Trinidad “Trino” Garcia.  Later, that night she met up with Trino at a park. While there, she mentioned to him that she planned on going to the house of a mutual friend, Chris Paoli.  

When she got to Chris’s house, Caroline told Chris a strange story. Earlier a drunken man harassed her at the bus stop.  Luckily for her, her friend David Allen Rundle intervened.  He chased the drunk man away and offered Caroline a ride home from Chris’s house. She never made it home.  

Another Victim of Serial Killer David Allen Rundle

Approximately one month after Caroline failed to return home, 15-year-old Lanciann Sorensen disappeared. She and her friend Laura went to a friend’s house to drink some beer. Later, the two teens went to Laura’s sister’s house.  Unfortunately, Lanciann decided to leave alone and walk in the dark.  She told Laura she planned on hitchhiking home.  Like Caroline, she never made it. 

Caroline and Lanciann weren’t the only victims of David Rundle.  Listen to this podcast episode to find out more about this serial killer.

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