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Angie Housman

The Solved Cold Case of Angie Housman

Angie HousmanAngie’s Disappearance

In 1993, Angie Housman was a friendly and outgoing 4th grader. She attended Buder Elementary School in St. Ann, Missouri. On November 18 of that year, Angie rode the bus home from school like she always did. She got off the bus eight houses away from her home. It was a five-minute walk. Angie made it past four of the houses, then disappeared.
Normally, two parents would supervise the kids on their way home from school. But on this day, as fate would have it each of the parents was busy. One was taking care of her sick parents and the other wanted to finish cleaning her house.

After roughly 30 minutes, Angie’s mom Diane and her step-father Ron, became worried when Angie hadn’t arrived home.  Angie was friendly and often chatted with other kids along her walk, but never for this long. 

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